Available options for recycling your old mobile phone

As mobile phones are becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day, people are buying new phones at very short intervals. Besides this, most carriers are offering new free mobile phones for any one who signs up for their service, for a period of one year or more. Thus mobile phone users are disposing off their old devices at very short intervals. How do we go about this process? You cannot just throw away your old mobile phone. This is illegal to do in many states. Even otherwise, this is not an ethical thing to do. Mobile phones contain rare earth minerals that can be mixed with the drinking water of the locality. The batteries can also cause damage to the water in the area. The plastic parts of the device are not going to disintegrate any time in the near future. Millions of mobile phones being thrown in to the dumping yards is going to adversely affect the environment in a very severe manner. Thus, the only sensible and ethical thing left to do is recycling your old mobile phones. How exactly do we go about doing it? When we purchase new mobile phones from any store, most of these stores will buy or exchange our old mobile phone for some money. Some of them may not pay you for it; but will take the old mobile for free and send it for recycling on their part. Another route is selling your old mobile phone to thrift stores in the neighbourhood. You may sell them over the Internet as well. Another option is donating them to a charity. Many charities need cheap phones to keep in contact with its volunteers. Some charities are known to give these phones to senior citizens to be used for emergency call purposes.